Ginger Powder Series 姜粉

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Ginger Powder Series 姜粉 Ginger 姜粉系列 Spice Series 调味佳品系列
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Bentong Ginger
Another specialty product of Malaysia is Bentong ginger. Exceptionally well-known and hence a hot favorite among tourists, it is a native Malaysian produce that is always in short supply.According to statistics, there are more than 1000 species of ginger around the world. Malaysia have 160 of them, with Bentong ginger topping the list with its global fame. It is also well-known for its medicinal value throughout Asia.Climate plays a highly significant role in the growth of Bentong ginger. As we all know, it grows in pristine rainforests and plateaus in Malaysia, where the weather is refreshing and pollution is non-existent. It prefers a high temperature during the day and low temperature at night as well as natural mountain streams and fertile soil. No wonder it has such a high nutritional value!  
Planting Bentong ginger is much more difficult than other crops. It takes one full year to harvest, and the land must be left fallow for a few years before the next cultivation in order to ensure good quality harvest. It is for this reason that Bentong ginger is regarded as a valuable crop.Genuine Bentong ginger, properly cultivated in the most suitable climate, contains a richer content of ginger alkaloids, giving a more potent spicy flavor that is easily absorbed by the body. Thus, Bentong ginger offers a higher healthcare value and a much more powerful effect in terms of ‘wind’ removal.Chinese physicians and naturopaths have affirmed that Bentong ginger can effectively eradicate ‘wind’ in the body and keep the body warm. Furthermore, it tastes better than other types of ginger, making it the ‘king of all gingers’.For medical and healthcare effects, ginger can drive off ‘cold’ and ‘moisture’, improve sleep, soreness and the respiratory system, enhance beauty and anti-aging, lower body weight as well as alleviate menstrual discomfort in women. It also helps dilate blood vessels and promote blood circulation.

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