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DRIED FRUIT WATERMELON 西瓜果干 Dried Fruit Series 果干系列
RM 24.90
SKU: 9555976800662
40 g
13 cm (L) x 7 cm (W) x 20 cm (H)
In Stock

优雅自在的天鹅姐姐:我总是想念雨天,于是我把 雨天的味道留住了,咔滋咔滋的雨声,吃起来沙沙的淡甜味,仿佛雨天回来了……"


“I miss the rainy days where I can twirl in the water and pretend that I was being showered in diamonds.  With Crispy Crunchy Raindrops, it almost feels like raindrops have come knocking upon my door again.” Elegant Ms Swan dips her long curved neck with a smile.

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