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DRIED FRUIT PINEAPPLE 黄梨果干 Dried Fruit Series 果干系列
RM 23.90
SKU: 9555976800655
40 g
13 cm (L) x 7 cm (W) x 20 cm (H)
In Stock

老神宅宅的猫头鹰伯:人生就像热带花园一样七彩缤纷,年轻时爱怎么看就怎么看; 现在宅在家也很好, 咔滋咔滋的,所有酸酸甜甜的记忆都回来了……"


“Life is like a garden of tropical flowers; we grow, we blossom and we droop with age. As a retired old owl, I like to stay at home and look back upon the memories I had gathered – both sweet and sour, just like my favourite Crispy Crunchy Memories.” Wistful Old Owl says with a knowing look in his twinkly eyes.

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