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DRIED FRUIT BANANA 香蕉果干 Dried Fruit Series 果干系列
RM 23.90
SKU: 9555976800686
40 g
13 cm (L) x 7 cm (W) x 20 cm (H)
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阳光灿烂的八爪鱼哥:在阳光的国度,灿烂笑容和 甜蜜热情,是上天给我的礼物,让我们一起畅游热带,享受咔滋咔滋的快乐!

“In this land of sunshine, smile and laughter are the best gift anyone can receive. Let us travel the tropics and indulge in some Crispy Crunchy Joy!”  Happy Mr Octopus exclaims while waving his tentacles in delight.

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