Chocolate Series 浓情巧克力系列

Chocolate as souvenirs for tourists, chocolate is undoubtedly the first choice, since it is suitable for all age groups. Moreover, it is a type of sweet confectionery that evokes a sweet, good feeling.Our range of chocolate is made with good quality cocoa based on conventional production method to bring out the purest chocolate taste and flavor, giving the exquisite experience of ‘melting in the mouth to sweeten the heart’.Out of our full range of products, OMAYI is especially proud of our own chocolate series, because we have proven that Malaysia can also produce chocolate of equivalent standard to those of Europe and the United States--a souvenir that carries pure Malaysian value as another fine option for tourists. It is a well-known fact that chocolate evokes a good mood and happy moments. Apart from that, pregnant women who consume a moderate amount of chocolate throughout pregnancy tend to give birth to bubblier, more cheerful babiesIt is a good choice to give healthy chocolate as a souvenir to friends and relatives. Let them feel the joy of traveling through chocolate, and wish them all a healthier and more enjoyable life.

LoveShape-Tiramisu Almond Milk Chocolate 心型-提拉米苏杏仁牛奶巧克力 RM 16.90

LoveShape-Tiramisu Almond Dark Chocolate 心型-提拉米苏杏仁黑巧克力 RM 16.90

Stamp-Tiramisu Almond White Chocolate 邮票-提拉米苏杏仁白巧克力 RM 22.90

Stamp-Tiramisu Almond Durian Chocolate 邮票-提拉米苏杏仁榴莲巧克力 RM 22.90

Stamp-Tiramisu Almond Dark Chocolate 邮票-提拉米苏杏仁黑巧克力 RM 22.90

Freeze Dried Mango Milk Chocolate 冻干芒果牛奶巧克力 RM 18.90

Freeze Dried Mango Dark Chocolate 冻干芒果黑巧克力 RM 18.90

Freeze Dried Durian Milk Chocolate 冻干榴莲牛奶巧克力 RM 18.90

Freeze Dried Durian Dark Chocolate 冻干榴莲黑巧克力 RM 18.90

Jar-Almond Milk Chocolate 杏仁牛奶巧克力 RM 23.90

Jar-Almond Dark Chocolate 杏仁黑巧克力 RM 23.90

Poly Bag-Tiramisu Almond Cheese Chocolate 提拉米苏杏仁乳酪巧克力 RM 17.90

Poly Bag-Tiramisu Almond Milk Chocolate 提拉米苏杏仁牛奶巧克力 RM 17.90

Poly Bag-Tiramisu Almond White Chocolate 提拉米苏杏仁白巧克力 RM 17.90

Poly Bag-Tiramisu Almond Dark Chocolate 提拉米苏杏仁黑巧克力 RM 17.90


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