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OMAYI White Coffee Series 白咖啡系列

White coffee is not only a famous Malaysian specialty product, it has become ‘the’ specialty product, a coffee variety that attracts tourists to Malaysia just to taste it.During the production process, in which no additives are added, the bitter and sour taste as well as caffeine content in white coffee is minimized, giving it a robust taste that does not irritate the stomach. It is called ‘white coffee’ because the original aroma, smooth taste and golden yellow colour of coffee is all preserved.Some travellers have commented that white coffee is the most unique specialty product of Malaysia, and hastened to add that ‘you have not really been to Malaysia if you have not tasted white coffee!’ To give a real Malaysian taste to friends and relatives back home, white coffee is the real thing.

Teh Tarik 丝滑拉茶/奶茶

Durian Coffee 榴莲咖啡

Choco Millet 小米巧克力

Brown Rice Coffee 糙米咖啡

White Coffee 醉香白咖啡


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