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OMAYI Bird's Nest Series 燕窝系列

燕窝 马来西亚是盛产燕窝的国家之一。据统计,全球燕窝常年成交量约有超过450百万美元,印尼占了近80%,马来西亚占13%丶泰国占5%丶越南占2%,换言之,马来西亚是全球出产燕窝第二大国。马来西亚每年出产燕窝当中,出口到“燕窝消费大国”的中国占了90%。为何中国会长期大量购买马来西亚燕窝?据中国《中国生化药物杂志》进行一项“燕窝中唾液酸含量测定方法的研究”。该研究选取印尼丶马来西亚丶泰国等各地燕盏样本,进行唾液酸的测定,制定燕窝质量标准,测示结果显示,马来西亚白燕盏唾液酸含量为10.79%印尼白燕盏唾液酸含量为10.08%。结果显示,马来燕窝更品质优越。燕窝营养丰富,其中最重要的就是唾液酸。现代药理研究表明燕子的唾液酸可以抗菌排毒,抗肿瘤,抗老痴呆,抑制白细胞粘附和消炎,对於妈妈和宝宝,唾液酸有助於宝宝头脑发育,同时提高妈妈和宝宝的免疫力。
Bird’s Nest Malaysia is one of the countries that produce bird's nest. According to statistics, the annual turnover of bird's nest in the world is more than USD450 million. Indonesia accounts for nearly 80%, Malaysia 13%, Thailand 5%, and Vietnam 2% of global bird’s nest output. In other words, Malaysia is the world's second largest exporter of bird's nest.
Out of Malaysia’s annual bird’s nest export, China—the greatest bird’s nest consuming economy—takes up 90% of it. Why does China buy abundant bird’s nest from Malaysia on a long-term basis? According to the Chinese Journal of Biochemical Drugs, a study on the determination of sialic acid content in bird's nest was conducted using bird’s nest from Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand and other countries to set the quality standards for the product. The results showed that the sialic acid content of Malaysian bird’s nest was 10.79%, and that of Indonesian bird’s nest, 10.08%. The results show that Malaysian bird's nest is more superior in quality.Bird’s nest is extremely rich in nutrients, the most important of which is sialic acid. Modern pharmacological studies have shown that bird’s nest sialic acid can exert the following actions—antibacterial, detoxification, anti-tumor, anti-aging, anti-dementia, inhibition of leukocyte adhesion and anti-inflammatory. For mothers and babies, sialic acid can help develop baby's brain, while improving the immune power of both mother and baby.

OMAYI-Bird's Nest Series


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